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Subscription Based Cyber Insurance for Small Businesses.

Don't let your clients become a target.

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Cyber insurance is currently available in all states, except NY, PA, OR, KY, ND, AK, VT, and WY - Register and we'll notify you when we launch in your state! ▸

Protect your business's cybersecurity.

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AXA XL Cyber Insurance coverage:

helps shrink your cyber risks and exposures

includes coverages tailored to your business needs

helps customers get back on their feet after a breach

You have too much to lose to not take the steps to protect your valuable systems and the data they hold.

Our Cyber Insurance coverage includes:

Coverage for extortion response expenses and payment of ransom.

Cyber Extortion Threat

Pays for the cost of notifying people whose data has been accessed and a help desk for inquiries.


The expense of providing credit and ID theft monitoring for affected persons is covered.

Credit Monitoring

Coverage for the cost to restore damaged software and data.

Damaged Data

Coverage to help you manage your reputation following a cyberattack.


Covers cyberattack investigation and response costs, plus any regulatory obligations.

Cyber Attack Response

You're covered for loss of income caused by a cyberattack.

Loss of Business

Additional business expenses caused by a cyberattack are covered.

Extra Expense

(Including Regulatory Penalties and GDPR) Protects you for defense expenses and damages you owe for not properly protecting data. We'll cover your regulatory fines and expenses, including GDPR penalties.

Liability Coverage

You're covered for expenses and fines when card data in your possession is compromised.

Merchant Agreements

We get it. You’re a small business. Why would anyone want your data? It may seem crazy but your customer information is just as valuable to criminals as a large corporation. It can be stolen, re-sold, or used to steal from others.

Small Business Cyber Attacks & Other Digital Nightmares:
Your Guide to Sleeping Soundly

Download the cyber guide.

(Just this once, we’re giving you permission to click a link on a website. Normally, this is a big no-no!)

Be prepared for a cyber attack and protect yourself.